hi, im a dude who draws stuff.

commissions are OPEN.
October 10th
4:56 PM
HA! #practice #sketch #expressions #insane #faces

HA! #practice #sketch #expressions #insane #faces

October 8th
9:41 PM

skeleaton replied to your post: #practice #sketch

great expressions * O *

ty :)

7:18 PM
#practice #sketch

#practice #sketch

October 5th
7:00 PM

some sketches from summer.  there are still a few more i gotta post :)

October 4th
7:00 PM

wow ok here are some doodles and stuffs in cell phone quality. sorry for not posting regularly, I gotta force myself to use instagram more often :J

September 22nd
4:14 PM
#doodle #sketch #girl #hair

#doodle #sketch #girl #hair

September 20th
8:34 PM
I drew this for a friend a while back.

I drew this for a friend a while back.

September 17th
7:09 PM

Alright guys here we go. I’m glad to finally announce that I’m doing commissions and I hope you are happy as well.


  • The prizes are in USD.
  • I accept payments through PAYPAL only,
  • Apart from these two listed above I’m also open for another options (paintings, portraits, things containing backgrounds ect.), just feel free to ask me about anything so we can discuss the prize,


  • NSFW
  • realism
  • demons/ really gross creatures
  • couples/OTPs (sorry)
  • furries


  • your characters,
  • basically anything that isn’t on the list above,


  • send me a fanmail here (on tumblr) or mail me at fiszekpsn@onet.pl


  • I will start working after I recieve the payment on my account,
  • please remember to provide me with reference material (drawings of your characters, photos ect.) if possible.
August 15th
7:10 PM

Hey peeps here are some of my recent doodles. Also I’m slowly moving from “fiszek” to “FSK” because it’s.. more memorable? And definitely much easier to pronounce ^^ 

July 26th
10:01 PM

Moving to germany for a week, bye everyone.